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Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., takes the oath of office. Taylor introduced the legislation.

Measure Would End Time Limit on GI Bill Transfers While on Active Duty

A pending Pentagon policy change would end the ability to transfer educational benefits to a family member after 16 years of service beginning next year.

Conference Committee Make-Up Could Favor Giving Feds a Pay Raise in 2019

A House aide described a proposed 1.9 percent pay increase next year as "a matter that is being negotiated."

Trump Administration Fights for Federal Retirees at Supreme Court

Justice Department offers support to former U.S. Marshals Service employee in case that could set widespread precedent.

Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., takes the oath of office. Taylor is organizing the letter opposing the pay freeze.

House Republicans Organize Letter Asking Trump to Reverse Pay Freeze

Letter has bipartisan support, says raise would be "well deserved."

The Power of TSP Savings

Do yourself a favor and pay close attention to how much you’re putting away.

Trump Appears to Waver on Pay Freeze

House puts off formally beginning negotiations with the Senate on a spending package that could contain a raise for federal workers.

Most TSP Funds Grow Modestly in August

The international stocks in the I Fund fell once again last month, dipping further into the red.

Some Recently Fired VA Employees May Soon Be Reinstated With Back Pay

Arbitrator says VA was in breach of contract in enforcement of its new accountability law.