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Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., is one of the sponsors of the bill.

Senators Try Yet Again to Crack Down on VA’s Senior Executives

SESers have been avoiding discipline and lining their pockets through the reassignment process, lawmakers say.

TSP Announces New Investment Chief

Previous head of investing, Ravindra Deo, was appointed executive director last year.

81 Percent of Career Senior Executives Received Bonuses in Fiscal 2016

The average performance award neared $12,000, an increase of more than $3,000 from fiscal 2015.

When Life-Changing Events Happen

Sometimes, you don’t want to wait for open season to make changes in your insurance coverage.

OPM Confirms Back Pay for Feds Affected by Latest Shutdown

Memo continues pay freeze for top political officials until March.

White House Budget Plan Praises the TSP, Then Cuts It

Plan to change G Fund returns would make fresh retirees invested in the L Income Fund run out of savings eight years earlier.

Retiring Sooner Than You Expected

Sometimes you can take advantage of exceptions to the standard rules. But that’s where things can get complicated.

Why Trump’s Performance Pay Fund Won’t Happen in 2019

Proposed $1 billion interagency award pool would only be big enough to give feds currently meeting or exceeding performance standards an average boost of $481 next year.