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James Knable helps to unpack copies of President Trump's FY19 Budget after it arrived at the House Budget Committee office on Feb. 12.

New Details on Trump's Performance Pay Plan

A senior executive at the Office of Personnel Management says the fund will not simply be used to dole out bonuses to high performers.

With Board Hamstrung, Federal Employee Appeals Backlog Grows to Largest Ever Total

Trump’s nominee could help resolve cases that have been sitting in limbo for a year.

Trump Administration Plans to Slash Labor Relations Board, Consolidate Power

Trump officials have "an interest in destroying the agency from the inside," group says.

Should You Relocate in Retirement?

Weighing the decision to stay put or move somewhere new.

TSP Funds End Nearly Year-Long Run of Growth

A volatile February left everything but government securities in the red.

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said a pay freeze could hurt recruitment.

Key GOP Senator Calls Trump's Pay Freeze Plan Ill-Advised

"I don't think that gains us anything," subcommittee chairman says.

Congressman Wants List of Employees Deemed 'Non-Essential' During Shutdown

White House would maintain database of furloughed employees' names, pay and job descriptions.

4,000 Feds Soon May Need a New Health Insurance Plan

Scathing inspector general’s report on an FEHBP insurer’s refusal to submit to an IT audit imperils the company’s contract.