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Acting OMB Director Russell Vought testifies before Congress in early March.

Trump's Top Budget Official Defends 2020 Pay Freeze to Congress

OMB chief pledges to work with agencies to develop performance and mission-based pay plans.

TSP Officials Confident Congress Will Act on Shutdown Relief Bill

Lawmakers are considering as many as five bills that would make it easier for federal employees to access their Thrift Savings Plan accounts during a government shutdown.

Law Enforcement Group Sues OPM Over Retirement Rule Change

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association has fought to reverse a reduction in the pension supplement calculation for divorced retirees.

The Interior Department plans to relocate employees to be closer to public lands predominately in the West. Above, Chris Lowie, refuge manager Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, surveys a rare large cypress tree in Suffolk, Va., in 2017.

Relocations, Buyouts Tucked Into Trump's Budget

While it reversed its push for governmentwide staffing cuts, some agencies are still pushing "workforce reshaping."

Acting OPM Director Margaret Weichert  said: "Civil service reform is something we’re looking at freeing up and decentralizing and giving agencies and people more ability to influence."

Trump Administration Prepares 'Holistic' Review to Overhaul Federal Employee Compensation

A contractor will examine pay issues, as well as work-life balance and meaningfulness of work.

The Retroactive Pay Raise Is in 'Final Clearance' Stage, says White House Official

"It is exceedingly legalistic as to how we get this squared away," said Margaret Weichert, acting OPM director.

White House Pushes Performance-Based Pay Without Any Money to Implement It

The Trump administration dropped its proposal for a $1 billion interagency workforce fund, instead suggesting agencies offset a requested 2020 pay freeze with existing appropriations.