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Feds Don’t Think a 1.9 Percent Pay Raise Would Be Enough to Attract Talent

Although uncertainty surrounds whether workers will receive a raise next year, "It’s better than nothing," one employee quipped in response to a poll.

How Big a Deal Are the Governmentwide Hiring Reforms That Trump Just Signed Into Law?

Workforce observers praise the reforms, but caution they’re not a "panacea."

As D.C. Feds Face Nightmare Commute, OPM Urges Telework and Other 'Flexibilities'

Transit officials have urged customers to use Metro only if they “have no other option.”

Economic Research Service employee Dina Li is shown volunteering at a farm in Clinton, Md., in this 2015 photo.

Hundreds of USDA Employees Face a Decision to Relocate or Take a Buyout

Skeptics question whether relocations are an attempt to undermine science.

Retired, But Still Working

How to ease into life after government if you’re not ready for a life of leisure.

Federal Retirement Claims Up Nearly 16 Percent So Far in 2018 Over the Same Period Last Year

Recent reports have shown that about one in seven federal workers is eligible to retire today, a rate that reaches as high as one in five at a few agencies.

A resident meets with a FEMA representative to file forms for federal aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in October 2017.

Government Still Owes Money to Feds Deployed to Hurricane Response Last Year

Meanwhile, many FEMA employees working emergencies before 2017 likely owe the government money for overpayments.

Defense Bill Headed to Trump's Desk Restores Defense Long-Term Per Diem Rates

After years of failed efforts, lawmakers included a provision in the Defense authorization act to roll back a 2014 reduction in long-term travel reimbursements.

Here’s the Good News

If you play your cards right, you can walk out of government with the same net income as when you retired.