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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Trump Got a World Cup Ball From Putin

9:00 AM ET How well did the two presidents' meeting go?

Play of the Day: Updating Air Force One

July 16 The president may want to make some changes to his plane.

Play of the Day: Fireworks at Peter Strzok's Hearing

July 13 Members of Congress questioned the federal agent and things got heated.

Play of the Day: John Kelly Is Disappointed In His Breakfast

July 12 The NATO summit in Brussels is not turning out the way one member of Donald Trump's staff wanted it to.

Play of the Day: Reality TV Fans Are Mad At The President

July 11 Trump's Supreme Court announcement delayed part of "The Bachelorette," so viewers took to Twitter.

Play of the Day: The President Knows How To Build Anticipation

July 10 Trump tweeted three times about his Supreme Court pick before his prime time TV announcement.

Play of the Day: Celebrating America's Independence During Turbulent Times

July 9 Considering the news, some find it hard to be excited about the United States on its birthday.

Play of the Day: Trump Is Back In Rallying Mode

June 29 The president visited North Dakota and Wisconsin to get the crowds hyped up.

Play of the Day: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring

June 28 Will the president nominate Jeanine Pirro? Ted Nugent? Himself?

Play of the Day: The Travel Ban Is Upheld And Trump Says 'Wow'

June 27 It's like when Lincoln said "Yowza" about the Emancipation Proclamation

Play of the Day: How The Red Hen Should Have Served Sarah Huckabee Sanders

June 26 Perhaps the server should have acted like the White House.

Play of the Day: The U.S. and Humpty Dumpty

June 25 In this version, the king's men mostly want to know if the wall is OK.

Play of the Day: Melania Trump Visits The Border

June 22 She spoke to children and wore a jacket with a message.

Play of the Day: Where Can Kirstjen Nielsen Eat In Peace?

June 21 Mexican is out. So is Carl's Jr. Probably Hooters, too.

Play of the Day: Did The Flag Consent to That Hug?

June 20 President Donald Trump showed some affection toward Old Glory again.

Play of the Day: Defining the Word 'Cage'

June 19 A chain link fence isn't a cage. It's just a type of wall.

Play of the Day: President Trump is Making America Some New Friends… And Enemies

June 18 Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are too hot to be Trump's friend, but Kim Jong-un is just right.

Play of the Day: Happy 72nd Birthday, Mr. President

June 15 Donald Trump's birthday was celebrated Thursday by late-night hosts.

Play of the Day: The U.S. and the Koreas Need to Get Their Stories Straight

June 14 Are military exercises being suspended? Is there a nuclear threat?

Play of the Day: Kim and Trump Meet, Have Lunch and Take Photos

June 13 North Korean and American leaders held an historic summit in Singapore.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: American's New Feud With Canada

June 12 The G7 meeting did not go as well as expected.

Play of the Day: Preparing For the North Korea Talks

June 11 President Donald Trump is all about attitude.

Play of the Day: Recounting Scott Pruitt's Recent Scandals

June 8 The EPA chief bought some pens, angled for a used mattress and even abused his White House mess privileges.

Play of the Day: The First Lady Is Back In Public

June 7 Melania Trump attended a FEMA meeting with her husband.

Play of the Day: No Eagles, But The President Loves Patriotic Songs

June 6 Donald Trump invited, then uninvited the NFL champs. So, he held an event anyway.

Play of the Day: The President Loves That Big Envelope

June 5 Kim Jong-un sent a letter, but Donald Trump really likes how it got to the White House.

Play of the Day: The President and Some Kims

June 4 Donald Trump met with Kim Kardashian and got a letter from Kim Jong-un.

Play of the Day: Trump Wrote a Letter to Kim

May 29 It was a version of "You can't break up with me because I already broke up with you."

Play of the Day: Trump's Twitter Feed Is a Public Forum, Like MySpace In 2005

May 24 A judge rules in favor of those blocked by the president

Play of the Day: The Real Cause Of The White House Sinkhole

May 23 It's not just a natural occurrence.

Play of the Day: Trump Hereby Demands An Investigation Into The Investigation

May 22 The president took to Twitter again and used some curious language.

Play of the Day: When Bill Gates Met Donald Trump

May 21 The tech billionaire spoke with the real estate billionaire and it did not go well.

Play of the Day: The Mueller Investigation Turns One Year Old

May 18 The president celebrated with a tweet.

Play of the Day: Will Kim Cancel the North Korea Talks?

May 17 The summit may be postponed or axed.

Play of the Day: The Leaking White House

May 16 Everyone seems to have an agenda while leaking to the press.

Play of the Day: Trump Wants Everyone to 'Be Cool' About China And Trade

May 15 The president's tweet used some hip language.

Play of the Day: Trump and Pence Portraits in Post Offices

May 14 A bill specifies that the photos need to be placed, but it does not specify the size of the portraits.

Play of the Day: Trump Gets Big Ratings at Three in the Morning

May 11 The president bragged about his Nielsen numbers while welcoming hostages returning home from North Korea.

Play of the Day: President Trump Says He Keeps His Promises

May 9 Maybe we should ask Melania Trump for confirmation.