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Airports weigh Republican's proposal to ditch TSA screeners

Rep. John Mica of Florida is calling for the replacement of federal employee screeners with private contractors.

Panel faults agencies on notification of secret activities

The committee examined 16 instances, spanning three administrations.

TSA makes immediate changes to airline pilot screening

Pilots will be able to get through security after presenting an airline ID and an additional form of identification.

Afghan watchdog fails to garner congressional support

Senators continue to call for removal of Arnold Fields as special inspector general for Afghanistan.

From Nextgov.com: OMB plan to streamline IT purchasing wins praise but faces headwinds

House Republicans and appropriations players could resist effort to align federal technology refreshment with funding cycle.

Two small businesses suspended in set-aside probe

EG Solutions and MultimaxArray used GTSI as subcontractors on a Homeland Security information technology contract.

Awards honor plain language and condemn jargon

Advocacy group now is accepting nominations for the best and worst examples of clear communication.

Group calls Defense budget cuts critical to reducing deficit

Former government officials and retired military officers say keeping department exempt from reductions is “short-sighted.”

Watchdog calls for removal of State Department's interim IG

Group argues Harold Geisel is too close to agency management.

Co-sponsor Rep. Stephen Lynch said the bill will save money in the long run.

House sends telework bill to Obama

Measure advances over GOP objections that it is costly and gives feds another “perk” when they already are better off than other workers.