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Wording matters when polling on collective bargaining

The word "rights" in national polling was making respondents change the way they answered.

The Die Isn’t Cast

Although it’s likely that Democrats will lose their Senate majority in 2012, it’s not preordained. Campaigns matter.

Issa threatens to subpoena government watchdog officials

Chairman dismisses executive privilege claim by Office of Special Counsel.

Senator: Don't blame FDA for company drug-pricing

Senator says companies, not agency approval, are to blame for cost of pregnancy medication.

GSA boosts per diem rates in major metro areas

Federal employees on business travel to New York City and San Francisco will have more money for hotel expenses from April through September.


Progress cited on reorganization of government

OMB’s Jeffrey Zients says effort may involve short-term costs to achieve long-term gains.

Libya operation causing headaches for U.S. contractors, grantees

U.S. government has spent more than $25 million in recent years to perform an array of work in the now-embattled country.

Report urges intelligence community to use more science in recruitment of analysts

Raw cognitive ability is a better indicator of success than specific expertise, says the National Research Council.

Interior approves first Gulf oil exploration plan since BP spill

Company’s approach relies on untested oil containment technology.

Senators question U.S. preparedness in wake of Japan's crisis

FEMA says there is no clear answer on first response to a nuclear plant catastrophe.