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Since Katrina, FEMA has disbursed more than $7 billion.

Senate panel defeats bill that would forgive debt for some disaster victims

Committee could reconsider bill that aims to help those who owe money because of erroneous payments.

‘Let the debate begin,’ senator says in op-ed on budget talks

After leaving 'Gang of Six' negotiations, Sen. Coburn says he believes a deal still can be struck.

Top officials warn against leaks in wake of bin Laden raid

Panetta tells staff that leaks could lead to prosecution.

'Gang of Six' budget deal appears doomed, senator says

Tom Coburn, R-Okla., does not specify which issues are preventing an agreement.

Hiring reform shows progress, OPM chief says

Most federal jobs now are filled based on resumes and cover letters, and KSAs have been virtually eliminated, says John Berry.

As shuttle program winds down, uncertainty looms for NASA

Lawmakers question speed of agency's transition away from shuttle.

Fleeting Favor

President Obama can’t bank on his job-approval ratings staying high unless the economy improves.

Playing with fire: A manmade debt-limit crisis

Congress may take a page from the book of firefighters in negotiatiing the debt limit crisis

As government hits debt limit, tensions rise

Vice President Joe Biden is heading up talks with congressional leaders designed to reach a deficit reduction framework and pass an increase in the debt ceiling.