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From Nextgov: Government performance website may not meet Hill requirements

After losing more than three-quarters of its e-gov budget, OMB says it may not be able to complete the congressionally mandated project by October 2012.

Senate will hold a pro-forma session next week, preventing recess appointments

Much-anticipated potential appointment of Elizabeth Warren will be debated.

In Joint Chiefs choice, Obama sees an independent but loyal soldier

Gen. Martin Dempsey would be the first Army official in the role since 2001.

Wisconsin judge strikes down collective bargaining law

Ruling says the manner in which Republican legislators passed the measure violated the state's open meetings law.

Obama’s regulatory chief announces reforms at 30 agencies

Cass Sunstein unveils follow-ups on executive order to streamline or kill redundant and harmful rules.

Does Consolidating Programs Pay Off?

Reorganizations are resource-intensive and require bold action and carefully crafted integration processes.

Obama grounding space program, astronauts say

Lovell, Armstrong say president is not giving NASA proper funding.

White House threatens to veto defense bill

The alternate engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is key point of contention.

Dempsey to be tapped as next Joint Chiefs head

Adm. Mike Mullen is set to step down in October.

A Brief Bounce

Why President Obama hasn’t gotten more lift from the death of Osama bin Laden.