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Americans least confident in Congress, most confident in military, survey finds

Military's 78 percent rating is 11 points higher than the institution’s historical average.

Republicans pull out of debt talks

GOP negotiators say impasse over taxes must be resolved at a higher level.


GOP lawmaker proposes overhaul of USPS

Rep. Darrell Issa’s legislation would cut delivery frequency and adjust workers’ pay and benefits.

Former top officials dissect homeland security since 9/11

Government has learned many lessons since terrorist attacks, but partisan politics and lack of information sharing across sectors still pose problems, panelists say.

Federal grant-making procedures could be consolidated, controller says

House hearing focuses on reducing waste through improving transparency and strengthening grants website.

Petraeus acknowledges differences with Obama over Afghan drawdown

President's plan is significantly faster than the general had wanted.

Postal Service suspends pension contributions

Halting payments to the FERS defined benefit plan will save $800 million in fiscal 2011, officials say.

U.S. long-term debt outlook worsens

Increasing debt will make it harder for lawmakers to adopt spending priorities in good times and will give them less flexibility during recessions.

Ahead of Obama speech, key senator pushes withdrawal

Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin says he wants a “significant” reduction of forces in Afghanistan.

GAO: Defense needs to improve management of incentive pay

From fiscal 2006 to fiscal 2010, the services signed contracts worth $11 billion in enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses.