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Ready to Rumble

If Rick Perry enters the presidential race, look for him and Michele Bachmann to duke it out.

Size of fire near Los Alamos National Laboratory jumps 28% to 60,000 acres

No new fires have broken out on the nuclear lab’s property since a small one-acre blaze Monday.

Senators, administration clash over Libya operations

State offers nuanced legal arguments for Obama's decision to conduct military operations in Libya without congressional authorization.

Agencies collaborate to manage drilling on public lands

Interior, USDA and EPA sign memo detailing joint process for assuring environmental protections in oil, gas operations.

Boeing found to have overcharged Army for helicopter parts

Inspector general cites $13 million in excess billing, including $1,700 for an $8 plastic roller, in a report obtained by watchdog group.

Special ops nominee defends night raids in Afghan war

Most of the missions are not violent, says McRaven, who commanded the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

'Mystery shoppers' to help administration assess primary care physicians

Program will gauge doctors' availability and whether they prefer patients with private insurance.

U.S. to begin 'thinning out' its Afghan forces

Initial changes will generally involve shifting troops around within the country, not taking them out entirely.

White House debt deal meeting 'good' and 'constructive,' spokesman says

"Everyone in the room believes that a significant deal remains possible," Obama said, after meeting with Biden, Reid.

Economic benefits of regulations outweigh costs, OMB says

First governmentwide analysis since Obama-ordered regulatory review stresses job creation and data-based decision-making.