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House passes debt deal; action moves to Senate

Bill gains bipartisan support, although 66 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted against it.

Debt deal reached; major cuts coming

Agreement will cut $1 trillion from U.S. spending immediately and a special committee of lawmakers will seek further decreases by November.

Obama: Give me 'something to sign by Tuesday'

President again calls on Americans to contact their representatives in support of a debt deal.

Boehner bill moving to vote; Reid, Obama waiting

The debt ceiling measure was revised overnight and is expected to be defeated in the Senate.

Soldier charged in bomb plot targeting Fort Hood personnel

Case has renewed concerns about the threat posed by so-called lone-wolf extremists.


FAA furloughs unprecedented, officials say

As shutdown enters its second week, thousands of agency employees remain off the job.

House approves speaker's debt plan

Bill now heads to the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has pledged its swift defeat.

General cleared of allegations of ordering psy-ops on senators

Probe does not turn up evidence to back accusations that Lt. Gen. William Caldwell told troops to manipulate lawmakers visiting Afghanistan.

GOP debt plan gains in House, dies in Senate?

Senate majority leader says there are other options besides taking up the Republican bill as is.

Senate will defeat Boehner plan after House vote Thursday night, Reid says

Both parties expect the House to narrowly pass Boehner's measure, over Democratic opposition.