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Need ‘compromise’ or FAA won’t function, Transportation secretary says

The Federal Aviation Administration has been in partial shutdown for almost a week, with 4,000 furloughed employees.

DHS hires new human capital chief

Veteran federal HR executive Catherine Emerson will fill the position, which is being converted from political to career.

White House taps inspectors general in campaign to cut waste

Members of new transparency board meet to ‘root out’ fraud and abuse in federal programs.

No vote on debt plan Thursday; default deadline moves closer

Boehner is still seeking support for Republican proposal.

Al Qaeda reportedly nearly defeated in wake of bin Laden's death

Officials believe a few more successful attacks against the group could lead to its demise, The Washington Post reports.

Conservative senator open to busting Aug. 2 default deadline

Sen. Jim DeMint is critical of the two main plans before the House and Senate and suggests holding out for a longer-term debt solution.

Boehner to rewrite debt-limit bill after CBO score

The Congressional Budget Office said the original plan was $1 trillion short of promised savings.

CBO: Reid's $2.7 trillion plan is short by $500 billion

About half of the cuts in the plan would come from drawing down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Debt-ceiling deadline might not really be Aug. 2

Report suggests the government would have enough cash on hand to continue paying bills until Aug. 10.

CBO deflates claims on revenues from selling excess properties

Obama administration plan for independent board might add costs, analyst tells House hearing.