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Government’s post-9/11 reorganization called ‘worth the effort’

Four lessons offered by Partnership for Public Service include winning senior executive buy-in and respecting legacy cultures.

Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA

The Republican presidential candidate stops short of criticizing the disaster management agency’s response to Irene.

White House, Boehner face off on cost of regulations

House speaker demands cost estimates for high-impact rules as OIRA chief decries ‘inaccurate information.’

TSA seeks authority to offer early outs to employees

Agency would provide the incentive from October 2011 through September 2013.

Memo to GOP

Independent voters are required to win the general election.

Agencies to release plans for streamlined regulations

Partly a response to criticism that Obama hasn't focused on business concerns, the plans don't go far enough for some.

OMB seeks to clarify 2013 budget guidance

Director Jack Lew says not all agencies necessarily will see cuts between 5 percent and 10 percent.

OMB details agency obligations under Government Performance Act

Priority goals must be delivered by Sept. 12, as operating officers are urged to cut waste.

Pentagon personnel chief investigated for 'tyrannical' leadership

Complaints allege Clifford Stanley is vindictive, wasteful, and unfit for service.