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Merit board advises equal treatment for teleworkers and office employees

Assignments and expectations should be comparable for agencies to realize the full benefit of the work arrangement, report notes.

Auditors blast DHS' $1.5 billion border plan

The Government Accountability Office says Homeland Security should halt a new program to secure the U.S.-Mexico border until it calculates a more realistic cost figure .


Public-private pay gap widens

Washington and Miami are exceptions to the rule, according to latest statistics.

Expanded data transparency bill clears House panel

Proposal would require program-level detail on agency website performance reports.

OPM responds to USAJobs complaints

Officials emphasize increased security and direct some blame on users.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., sponsored the bill.

House panel approves bill to shrink federal workforce

Oversight committee amends legislation to include contractors.

Panetta expects half of defense cuts to come from weapons programs

The rest could come from operating more efficiently, a decrease in troops, and trimming personnel costs like health care.

U.S. scores some wins but Taliban winning the propaganda war

White House is fighting two battles in Afghanistan: one against the Taliban, and one against the public perception at home that the U.S. is losing.

OMB procurement chief leaving administration

Dan Gordon is taking a post at the George Washington University Law School.

Energy stimulus money mired in investigations, bad management, IG says

The federal government’s efforts to jump-start the clean-energy economy are stymied.