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Solyndra language paves way for bill to keep government running

GOP strategy is to add to the continuing resolution a $100 million offset targeting the government program involved in the loan guarantees awarded to the failed energy company.

Lawmakers tout new postal reform measure as employee-friendly

House Democrats say their proposal to ease the agency’s financial strain goes easier on workers than a Republican alternative.

Plan to further restrict contact with lobbyists draws criticism

Proposed Office of Government Ethics rule would expand limits on gifts and events to cover all civil servants.

Agencies must "seize every opportunity" to cut waste, OMB chief Jacob Lew wrote in memo.

White House orders agencies to review conference spending

For now, all conference-related expenses must be approved by deputy secretaries.

Shutdown looms as federal funding bill dies in House

House and Senate now either have to work out a short-term spending measure this week or stay in session through their planned recess ahead of the Oct. 1 start of fiscal 2012.

Lawmakers move GOP postal reform bill forward

Legislation sponsored by House oversight committee chairman would cut delivery and reduce USPS’ labor costs.

Isn’t That Special?

Be careful about reading too much into the voting last week in Nevada. But New York’s another story.

Americans believe government wastes more money than ever

Gallup poll respondents estimate federal agencies squander 51 cents on the dollar.

Cancer report urges better funding for NIH

Without more money, the agency will have trouble attracting top scientists, group finds.

Intelligence agencies lauded for progress toward balanced use of contractors

Specialists tell Senate panel they would favor governmentwide policy restricting 'revolving-door' hiring.