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Deficit-cutting panel has a fallback option

The super committee could come up with a not-so-grand bargain that doesn’t completely avoid across-the-board cuts but makes a dent in the size of those reductions.

GOP lawmaker supports 'grand bargain' to reduce deficit

Congressional super committee will face an uphill battle reaching agreement on cuts, Rep. Peter King says.

Super committee appointee sees room for compromise

Willingness to find common ground comes as a surprise from Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, who has tea party supporters and voted "no" on the debt deal.

Senate holds up nominee for State Department nonproliferation bureau

The office manages efforts to halt the proliferation and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction.

Pelosi announces picks for super committee

Choices finalize the panel's 12-seat roster.

IG: Postal Service managers fudged pay-for-performance rules

Audit finds supervisors at the financially strapped agency arbitrarily lowered performance ratings and were less generous with raises, partly to avoid a public backlash.

Labor Department plans database to gauge discrimination by contractors

Proposed rule seeks public comment on collection of salary and benefits data to measure treatment of women and minorities.

Army announces new renewable energy task force

Move will help to centralize management of large-scale projects and find private sector investors.

Obama's manufacturing adviser and former car czar leaving White House

Bloom was instrumental in administration’s effort to set first-ever fuel economy standards for big trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

GOP leaders name deficit reduction panel members

Debt deal asks bipartisan super committee to come up with cuts by Nov. 23.