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Play of the Day: A 'Stormy' Week for the White House

Trump's being sued and his top economic advisor left.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., told a witness: "You seem to have confirmed our biggest fear. We’ve become so obsessed with the process that there is very little preoccupation with the outcome.”

Senate Panel Seeks Answers on Clearance Backlog

A government watchdog group put the process back on its high-risk list after pending actions exceeded 700,000.

Lawmakers On Both Sides of Aisle Ramp Up Pressure for Permanent SSA Leader

Acting agency chief is now in violation of the Vacancies Act, GAO finds.

VA Secretary David Shulkin speaks Wednesday at VA's Washington, D.C., medical facility.

'Culture of Complacency:' Investigators Fault VA Leadership for Medical Facility's 'Systemic' Failures

Major facility had pervasive problems that went ignored for years and put vets at risk.

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., sponsored the legislation.

House Approves Bill to Curb Spending on Official Portraits

Sen. Cassidy’s "EGO Act" would codify crackdown on agency vanity paintings.

Election Assistance Agency Carries On Despite GOP Resistance

Threat of Russian meddling lends urgency to tasks of new chairman.

House Approves Bill to Prevent Political Appointees From 'Burrowing In'

Legislation would require a two-year "cooling off" period before political appointees can take career positions.

USDA to Block Social Media Following IG Report Showing an Uptick in Porn Watching

Employees will be barred from visiting 400 websites "not related to official department communications or business," starting Wednesday.

Play of the Day: Some White House Nicknames Are Better Than Others

"Javanka" is definitely better than "Devoncé" or "Mr. Magoo."

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gave back a gift from the National Rifle Association when he was advised it did not meet ethics standards.

The Things Agency Leaders Have Given Up to Get on the Right Side of Ethics Rules

Administration officials have returned a handmade long gun, cancelled a $31K furniture order and considered downgrading flights following public outcry and advice from ethics officials.