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Play of the Day: Recounting Scott Pruitt's Recent Scandals

The EPA chief bought some pens, angled for a used mattress and even abused his White House mess privileges.

Play of the Day: The First Lady Is Back In Public

Melania Trump attended a FEMA meeting with her husband.

Play of the Day: No Eagles, But The President Loves Patriotic Songs

Donald Trump invited, then uninvited the NFL champs. So, he held an event anyway.

Analysis: The Invisible Melania Trump

The first lady’s behavior isn’t what people today are used to.

Play of the Day: The President Loves That Big Envelope

Kim Jong-un sent a letter, but Donald Trump really likes how it got to the White House.

Analysis: The Flaw in Trump's Obstruction-of-Justice Defense

The president isn’t above the law, whatever his lawyers may claim—but prosecutors will face an unusually high burden to prove any misconduct.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies on Capitol Hill in May.

EPA Chief Loses a Round in Court on Release of Climate Change Studies

Nonprofit’s FOIA victory comes as emails suggest Pruitt assigned staff to buy a Trump mattress.

Play of the Day: The President and Some Kims

Donald Trump met with Kim Kardashian and got a letter from Kim Jong-un.

The White House Is Not Complying With Inquiries From Government’s Top Watchdog

The Trump administration did not respond to a GAO letter about not responding to its investigations.