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Something for Both Sides

Both Republicans and Democrats had promising results in last week’s primaries.

Generational Differences

Younger election observers characterize the race for control of the House as much closer than their older counterparts do.

Dual Hats

Bill Clinton is finding it hard to be an above-it-all ex-president when he is also a chief political adviser to his wife, who herself is angling for the White House.

Closing the Gap

Republicans gain ground in latest polling on congressional matchups.

Summer Slump

A decline in traffic to conservative political Web sites could be viewed as a sign that the right wing is struggling.

Signs of Turbulence

The losses of incumbents, including Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., in primaries signal volatility ahead in the midterm elections.

Gathering Storm

A variety of polls signal that Democrats are poised to take over the House, and possibly the Senate, in midterm elections.

Murky Horizons

Shifts in momentum make it hard to tell which party has an advantage in the midterm elections.

Lesser of Two Evils

The GOP may be losing its edge on security issues and voters may be ready for a change.

On the Upswing

Bush’s approval rating is back around 40 percent, but has not changed much among Democrats and independents.