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Murky Horizons

Shifts in momentum make it hard to tell which party has an advantage in the midterm elections.

Lesser of Two Evils

The GOP may be losing its edge on security issues and voters may be ready for a change.

On the Upswing

Bush’s approval rating is back around 40 percent, but has not changed much among Democrats and independents.

Shifting Picture

Changing dynamics make the race for control of the Senate interesting again.

Measuring Against 1994

A comparison of polls 12 years ago to those now shows both Democrats and Republicans have reasons to worry about the midterm elections.

Rays of Hope

Poll results are looking up for the Republicans, and in House races, Democrats have a number of novice candidates.

Presidential Prospects

Recent polls show John McCain as a favorite for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, and Hillary Clinton as the leading Democrat.

Unwise Outrage

House leaders’ anger over FBI search of a colleague’s office will be viewed as an effort to blindly protect their own.

Forward Observer: Enron on the Potomac

The Pentagon’s accounting practices are unlikely to improve until a panel of outside financial experts is appointed to help.

Dimming Prospects

More Republican House members are seeing their seats grow vulnerable in midterm elections.