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IG: Justice inconsistent in reporting of data breaches

Department not fully meeting 2006 requirement that the loss of sensitive information must be reported within one hour, auditors find.

OMB claims progress in disposing of unneeded real estate

New governmentwide database shows scope of problem, with $17.7 billion in unwanted properties.

House deal on earmarks lets appropriations work proceed

Democrats agree to include add-ons for special projects up front for debate and votes on 10 of 12 bills.

OMB releases guide for guarding statistical data

Guidelines implement a 2002 law and establish uniform standards for protecting sensitive information.

House investigators seek Justice probe of NASA general counsel

Bipartisan request suggests top lawyer may have destroyed government records and obstructed justice in throwing away meeting tapes.

Senators urge appropriators to boost SSA administrative funds

Budget resolution calls for an additional $430 million beyond President Bush’s request, to address backlog of disability claims.

Nurse Patricia Rose scans a barcode on a computer before dispensing medicine at the Baltimore VA Medical Center.

VA sets aside $20 million to handle latest data breach

Money to pay for credit monitoring will come out of cybersecurity budget, agency official says.

Group argues for shielding contractors’ revenue, employee counts

Disclosure would enable verification of size-based preference claims, advocates of transparency say.

GAO urges external reviews of Homeland Security acquisition

Department to explore the possibility of establishing such reviews, performed by groups with experience in federal contracting.

House Democrats seek to restructure Coast Guard modernization

Bill would force agency to take over as lead systems integrator for the $24 billion program within two years of enactment.