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Lawmaker probes need to streamline Homeland Security oversight

Top Democrat on Homeland Security panel seeks GAO review; ranking member already convinced overhaul is necessary.

EEOC votes not to extend contract for customer service center

Commission split over possible contract extension, considers bringing operation in-house.

FDA to avoid layoff notices by dipping into reserves

Agency chief defends deputy for sending out an officewide e-mail that staff and lawmakers have called intimidating.

Panel OKs emergency funds for recovery from bridge collapse

Bill authorizes $250 million in relief funds for the state of Minnesota to use in the repairs of the Interstate-35W bridge.

Lawmakers probe claims of improper influence over science

Interior inspector general questioned about interactions between scientists and policy-makers.

House lawmaker joins bid to end TSA contracting exemption

Senators are making a similar effort; witnesses at hearing say changes would bring greater transparency, more competition.

Bill to target waste in contracting moves to Senate floor

Measure encourages maximum competition and limits length of non-competitive contracts awarded under exceptional circumstances.

Watch for Retirements

Large numbers of House member retirements concentrated in one party would be telling.

Treasury chief calls on Congress to boost debt ceiling

In the past when lawmakers have failed to act fast enough, Treasury has been forced to borrow from government retirement funds.

GSA lets 29 firms in on massive tech services contract

Winners aren’t guaranteed work; agencies can still shop around among the awardees or look outside the list of pre-selected vendors.