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Hillary Rising

Hillary Clinton is the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination; the Republican contest is a lot closer.

Vicious Cycle

The hostile political environment facing the GOP could result in a rash of retirements, difficulty recruiting and poor fundraising.

League of Her Own

In five major national polls last month, Hillary Clinton averaged 37 percent support among Democratic voters.

Measuring the Obstacles

Rudy Giuliani is unlikely to last long if he enters the 2008 presidential race.

President proposes cuts to 141 programs

Nonsecurity spending would go up 1 percent in fiscal 2008.

Color Them Competitive

Of 11 states moving away from the political party that has dominated them, just four are becoming more Republican.

Lopsided Lineup

Republicans will have to defend the majority of the Senate seats up for grabs in 2008.

Tarnished Image

The Republican reputation for tackling big government and reining in spending is taking a beating.

Awkward Assignment

Democrats must be responsive to voters’ concerns about Iraq, yet avoid taking ownership of the war.

Defense IG finds major flaws in contracts issued via Treasury

Lack of competition, market research among gaps found in task orders issued using Treasury’s FedSource program.