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Resignation of DHS deputy prompts questions on Capitol Hill

House Democrat suggests department chief offered misleading testimony earlier this month when he said he thought senior leaders would stay on.

American contractors inspect an Army Corps of Engineers project in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

Senate Dems seek probe of wartime contracting

Bipartisan commission would be charged with reviewing nearly all contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Air traffic controllers sue over alleged mold problems

Detroit controllers say mold persists despite efforts to remove it; FAA says the problem has been solved.

Bush, Dems spar as vote on stopgap spending bill nears

The House is scheduled to take up a short-term continuing resolution Wednesday that would fund government programs until mid-November.

Lawmakers appalled by scale of contract fraud in Iraq

Defense officials say inadequate staff levels, training, controls and leadership are to blame.

Panel votes to limit Justice-White House communications

Legislation would only allow certain officials to discuss ongoing investigations, in an attempt to shield the Justice Department’s independence.

An  air traffic  controller works at the Dulles International Airport.

House passes FAA reauthorization bill

Substantial differences remain between House and Senate over language on contract negotiations and funding.

Recruiting remains a key concern for acquisition chiefs

Procurement leaders are using direct hiring authority, dangling benefits such as telecommuting before job candidates, and expanding their searches beyond the Beltway.

Lawmaker seeks data on DHS conference spending

Inspector general report on extravagant spending at Justice Department events triggers curiosity about Homeland Security expenditures.

Senate Dems hear whistleblower claims of abuse

Contractors claim they were retaliated against for exposing fraud and mismanagement of Iraq projects.