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Motivational Challenge

The latest polls show that Democrats are more energized than Republicans about the midterm elections.

Second-Rate Candidates

Public opinion is turning in Democrats’ favor, but a lack of top quality contenders could hurt the party in midterm elections.

Structural Advantage

A race-by-race analysis signals that the GOP has a good chance of retaining control in midterm elections.

The Big Picture

National polls indicate that Republicans are at least as bad off as Democrats were in 1994, prior to losing control of Congress.

Bench Strength

Democrats would be wise to maintain a strong presence even in states that are heavily Republican.

Looking Toward 2008

The upcoming presidential campaign will be the first since 1928 that doesn’t feature a sitting president or vice president.

Hard Choices

The two front-runners for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination are unpopular with large portions of the party.

Popularity Factor

Energy prices deserve more attention than they typically receive for their influence on presidents’ approval ratings.

Real Control

Democrats would be better off staying in the minority than they would be winning the House and Senate by a narrow margin.

Within Reach

Democrats have a decent chance of gaining the 15 seats they need to take over the House in midterm elections, according to a National Journal analysis.