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Bipartisan Prospects

One choice facing President Bush now is whether bipartisan achievements are worth pursuing.

State of Denial

Some continue to be dismissive of Democrats’ gains in the midterm elections.

The War’s Wave

The war in Iraq was the biggest factor in Democrats’ gains in the midterm elections.

Luck of the Draw

In the aftermath of the elections, political operatives may take the blame for circumstances beyond their control.

Down to the Wire

As Election Day draws close, both major parties face tough choices on where to concentrate their remaining resources.

Tough Call

With just two weeks left until the midterm elections, analysts are still having trouble making solid predictions.

Range of Possibilities

The GOP could lose anywhere from seven to 30 seats in the midterm elections, depending on where attention shifts.

The Real Issue

Renewed attention on the conflict in Iraq may hurt Republicans more than the page scandal.

Feature Attraction

The run-up to the midterm elections has already offered more plot twists than an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

Shifting Election Outlook

Republicans are gaining ground in the polls, likely boosted by focus on terrorism and falling gasoline prices.