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Whining Won’t Help

Criticism that National Republican Congressional Committee leaders are too optimistic and not aggressive enough may be misplaced.

Labor-HHS spending bill might be next in clash with White House

Tactic assumes the bill is a political winner, even if Democrats lack the votes to override a veto.

Watchdog criticizes State Department foreign aid staffing

Training is inconsistent, data to track aid workers is inadequate, and some employees are overstretched, GAO says.

Blackwater Chief Executive Erik Prince testifies Tuesday.

Legislators explore gray areas in security contractor oversight

Panel members question Blackwater executive's claim that companies already are covered under a variety of statutes.

NASA’s role revisited at 50-year mark

Former employee says the agency should look at novel ways to fund its activities and involve the public.

Contractor tax provision forces agencies to change financial systems

USDA exec says implementing law passed last year will require “substantial modifications” to the agency’s systems.

Panel criticizes State Department for failure to rein in Blackwater

House committee says Blackwater has reported more shooting incidents than two other protective services contractors combined.

Pending procurement reform provisions concern industry

Contractor representatives say certain legislative language could make doing business with government burdensome.

White House threatens to veto bill on IG independence

Measure contains language that would infringe on the president’s responsibility to supervise the executive branch officers, administration argues.

Staff at the Federal Correctional Complex in Pollock, La., go through riot training.

Union urges Congress to address staff shortages at prisons

Budget and staffing issues have put the security of federal correctional officers at risk, labor officials say.