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Homeland Security officials say government unprepared for dirty bomb

Investigation finds that United States has shortage of labs to test individuals exposed to radiation after an attack.

Pentagon opens high-level jobs to civilian senior execs

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England creates corps of key executive positions that "require an enterprise perspective."

Privacy concerns plague Senate health IT legislation

Expert says bill relies too heavily on standards issued under a flawed 1996 law.

Senator probes HHS help line

Aide says the swiftest connection to a customer service representative was 14 minutes, while another staffer was on hold 30 minutes.

Congress adjourns without providing Iraq 'bridge fund'

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., indicated no money would be forthcoming this year after the chamber failed to stop debate on a bill that would tie the money to a withdrawal timeline.

Governmental Affairs Committee moves IG legislation

Measure comes after IGs found blocking investigations or using overly aggressive tactics.

E-government bill clears senate government panel

Reauthorization also includes a provision that requires a plan for government information to be made more readily available on search engines.

State IG hearing illustrates panel's conflict on probes

Question of whether depositions are voluntary at the center of battle.

With Thanksgiving looming, Democrats face major budget roadblocks

Iraq military operations bridge funding in jeopardy as Congress heads to holiday break.

Work continues on spying bills despite veto threats

Committee say timing is suspect on Democrats' ammendements to FISA bill.