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Travel policies temporarily loosened in Southern California

GSA revises per diem for food and housing, relaxes regulations on fuel. Wildfire response photo gallery

Rice pledges improved oversight of security contractors

Hearing coincides with State Department campaign to show it is addressing concerns that it failed to control the conduct of contractors like Blackwater USA in Iraq.

Davis formally announces he will not run for Senate

The Virginia lawmaker is the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Wildfires strain federal operations in Southern California

A shortage of personnel and a lack of information are hurdles to delivering assistance to federal employees and other affected Californians. Click here to view wildfire response photo gallery

Performance-based contracts found to be risky for industry

Research group says companies face higher bid and proposal costs and may have a harder time pleasing agencies.

Officials admit they misjudged difficulty of virtual fence work

The Homeland Security Department program already has been delayed more than four months, prompting concern on Capitol Hill.

Reconsidering Giuliani

The former New York mayor’s chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination appear better than they did at the outset.

Bush war request quickly figures into spending fracas

Democrats criticize the president for bringing this year’s war requests to almost $200 billion, while arguing an extra $20 billion for domestic priorities is unaffordable.

Administration touts progress in managing tech investments

Number of projects on list reflecting planning weaknesses has decreased 61 percent in the past seven months.

Report: Contracting workforce needs more training

Skills gaps are likely to be made worse by upcoming retirements, survey of competencies indicates.