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Oversight Democrats Demand Subpoena on EPA FOIA Practices

Staff interviews suggest the agency withheld documents deemed "politically charged."

Multi-Agency Review Finds No Examples of Fraudulent Use of Government Charge Cards

Of 1,255 high-risk transactions, none involved illegal activity, report finds.

Former HHS Secretary Tom Price testifies on Capitol Hill in 2017.

Former HHS Secretary Price Violated Travel Rules in 20 of 21 Trips

Watchdog details $341,000 in waste from misuse of charter and military aircraft.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok: 'There Is Simply No Evidence of Bias in My Professional Actions'

The federal agent weathered hours of questioning from Republicans seeking to discredit the Russia investigation.

Play of the Day: Fireworks at Peter Strzok's Hearing

Members of Congress questioned the federal agent and things got heated.

The House Committee Tasked With Making Sure U.S. Immigration Police Follow The Law Has Given Up

The House Judiciary Committee hasn't held a DHS oversight hearing in three years.

Play of the Day: John Kelly Is Disappointed In His Breakfast

The NATO summit in Brussels is not turning out the way one member of Donald Trump's staff wanted it to.

Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., introduced an appropriations bill amendment to stop OPM from moving the judges out of the competitive service.

Democrats, Advocacy Groups Pan Order Moving Administrative Judges Out of Competitive Service

Opponents fear an erosion of protections for judges against unfair removals.

Play of the Day: Reality TV Fans Are Mad At The President

Trump's Supreme Court announcement delayed part of "The Bachelorette," so viewers took to Twitter.

Play of the Day: The President Knows How To Build Anticipation

Trump tweeted three times about his Supreme Court pick before his prime time TV announcement.