Lack of Staff and Resources Continue to Strain the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Epstein’s death this summer while in federal custody highlighted these long-term issues.

Viewpoint: Look Who’s Trying to Seize Private Property

The Trump administration wants to use eminent domain to build the border wall.

Trump’s Anger With IG Over Impeachment Role Highlights High Watchdog Vacancy Rate

There is “a long history of resistance” to inspectors general from the administrations in which they serve, says Paul Light.

Election Commission Needs More Authority In Face of 2020 Threats, Report Finds

“The federal government regulates colored pencils . . . more strictly than it does America’s election infrastructure,” the nonpartisan Brennan Center notes.

McConnell Asked White House For Sanctions Position, Dem Senator Says

The Senate majority leader is weighing the myriad sanctions proposals on the Hill, Sen. Van Hollen said at the Defense One Outlook 2020 conference. 

IG Warns of 'Ruinous' Relationship With EPA Over Failures to Cooperate

EPA chief of staff told investigators "Do not contact me further" unless they agreed to provide advance notice of the information sought, counter to investigative practice.

Agencies Are Relying More on Alternatives to Contractor Suspension and Debarment

Annual report shows that exclusions from doing business with the government have decreased in recent years, yet are still up from 2009.

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What’s at Stake If Sen. Rand Paul Names the Ukraine Whistleblower

While there might not be legal implications, the move could hurt national security and have a chilling effect on future whistleblowers. 

GovExec Wins Eddie Award for 2018 Immigration Crackdown Series

The stories documented the Homeland Security Department’s struggle to hire thousands of new border security personnel.

Election Oversight Agencies Struggle With Vacancies and Infighting

Commissions responsible for ensuring secure and fair elections are plagued with internal problems.

Viewpoint: The EPA Disbanded Our Clean Air Science Panel. We Met Anyway – and Found that Particle Pollution Regulations Aren’t Protecting Public Health

Scientists who were appointed to advise the EPA on air pollution kept meeting independently after the agency dissolved their panel. They say current regulations aren't strict enough.

Senate Panel Tackles Unauthorized Appropriations, or ‘Zombie Payments’

Unauthorized payments accounted for 23% of the discretionary budget in 2019, compared to 10% in the early 1990s.

Watchdog: Better Information-Sharing Could Help Address Spike in College Hate Crimes

The Justice Department must keep its resources updated and raise awareness of them, GAO finds.