President Obama's Bizarre Trip to Denver

By Arit John

July 9, 2014

President Obama spent Tuesday night in Denver, Colorado, the beating heart of America's legalized weed revolution, and it was about as weird as you'd expect. Second to building a time machine so we could have all been there together, only pictures can accurately convey the surreal events that took place.

As CNN described the evening, the president started off the day in a pizza place, meeting with average Americans who'd written him letters. Perfectly normal, maybe even boring. He then went into the street to shake hands, fist bump and reject selfies with the public. Meanwhile, a man in a horse mask stood in the crowd.

Not to tell the Secret Service how to to their jobs, but this seems like a moment where they should have stepped in. This guy is creepy. Imagine if everyone had worn that mask:

“well…hello there"

— darth™ (@darth) July 9, 2014

After that it was time for a drink. Or, a photo-op of the president and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper knocking back a half sip of a brewski at Wynkoop Brewing Co. Pool was played. (Obama won.) Then this happened:

Obama fist bumped a gorilla statue in a Denver bar tonight (Getty)

— Jon Passantino (@passantino) July 9, 2014

Someone asked the leader of the free world "if he wanted a hit of pot...he laughed! #legalizeit #iinhaled #mrGQ," as The Huffington Post pointed out

There was also at least one guy holding up a "Free Weed 4 Obama" sign, but that wasn't weird enough to warrant a photo. 

By Arit John

July 9, 2014