House PLan Provision Senate Plan
$280.9 billion Total Cuts $170 billion
Increase employee contribution to 6.35 percent; eventually phase out defined benefit altogether; end Social Security suppliment for young retirees.

Savings: $127 billion
Retirement Senate Budget Committee aides pointed to Bowles-Simpson proposal to raise federal employee contribution to 6.35 percent, but proposal leaves specifcs to congressional committees
Limit the return rate on TSP's Government Securities (G) Fund.

Savings: $32 billion
Thrift Savings Plan No specific plan
Agencies could hire only one employee for every three that leaves.

Savings: $59 billion
Attrition Senate budget embraces attrition measures, calling on Congress to consider Bowles-Simpson proposal to fill one of three openings, but does not make specific recommendation.
Tie government's share of premiums for retirees to inflation, rather than cost of plan; tie retirees' health benefits to length of service.

Savings: $22.9 billion
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program "Improving" the program to "help make it more efficient and affordable for hardworking taxpayers;" specifics left to congressional committees
Postal employees contribute more toward their health and life insurance premiums; other efficiency measures such as eliminating Saturday mail delivery.

Savings: $40 billion
USPS reform No mention of USPS.