Memos to the Incoming President

As the Trump team makes preparations for inauguration, experts on management have advice and suggestions for the incoming administration.

Memo to the President: Getting Public-Private Partnership Right

January 13, 2017 Management really matters for this high-potential but hazardous approach.

Memo to the President: Performance Accountability, Evidence and Improvement

January 11, 2017 Bipartisan reflections and recommendations for the next administration.

Memo to the President: Rebuilding the Nation’s Infrastructure

January 9, 2017 The major impediment is not political but rather our governance structure.

Illinois Statehouse dome

Memo to the President: Strengthening Partnerships with State and Local Governments

January 4, 2017 The federal government needs to establish a new paradigm that substitutes collaboration and cooperation for command and control.

Memo to the President: Collaboration Across Boundaries

December 29, 2016 No significant issue can be addressed solely by an individual government agency.

Memo to the President: Performance and Results in Procurement

December 23, 2016 The government has remarkably little information about how well its procurement system is working.

Memo to the President: Reforming the Federal Budget Process

December 23, 2016 A return to “regular order” is not enough.

Memo to the President: Getting the Most From the Federal Workforce

December 22, 2016 How to make sure employees are positioned to meet mission requirements.

Memo to the President: Staffing Your Team

December 22, 2016 Policy expertise is crucial for many positions, but managerial experience is essential to others.

Memos to the President: How to Run Government Effectively

December 21, 2016 Advice from leading scholars on how to improve government's ability to deliver on its promises.