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A Pruitt Aide's Attack on Zinke Angers the White House

A press staffer at the Environmental Protection Agency attempted to distract from his boss’s troubles by planting stories that would reflect poorly on the secretary of the interior.

Survey: Nearly 30 Percent of Feds Report Greater Resistance to Telework

Nearly half of employees who underwent a change in telework policy said the new rules don’t fit their needs.

Hiring Emmet Flood Signals a Big Shift for Trump's Defense

The veteran lawyer’s role in executive-privilege disputes in the Bush White House may prove crucial to reshaping Trump’s legal strategy.

Love: It’s What Makes a Leader a Leader

Call it mushy if you wish, but the leaders who don’t understand the role of love in leading need to step down.

Lead Abatement at USDA Facility Brings Telework Clash to the Fore

Employees report health impacts from remaining in the office during the project, but supervisors are reluctant to allow remote work.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney called on American citizens to submit their ideas for “making the federal government more efficient, effective and accountable to the American people.”

White House Produces No Evidence It Considered Public Input on Reorganizing Government

Watchdog group that filed lawsuit calls the Trump administration's statement that it received 100,000 public comments a "cynical stunt."

Then-candidate Donald Trump tosses his notes as he speaks during a Republican committee fundraising reception in 2016.

Analysis: The Problem With Trump Dictating His Own Medical Assessment

A superlative evaluation of physical health becomes a failed test of character.

PSC President David Berteau, joined by (right to left) Raytheon VP Jane Chappell, ManTech President and CEO Kevin Phillips, and Brenda Farrell of GAO testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in March.

You May Have to Wait 2 Years to Get That Security Clearance

The metrics fail to capture the real-world impact of the backlog, which includes careers put on hold and the loss of top talent, says Raytheon's Jane Chappell.

We Are Way Too Optimistic About How Long We’ll Live

Guessing right is a vital part of planning for the future financially.