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USPS Ends Pay Freeze for Nonunion Employees

1 percent pay raise will apply mostly to supervisors and managers.

A report from IG John Sopko stated, “IDLO has faced high leadership turnover and budgetary shortfalls that, according to IDLO’s Audit and Finance Committee, raise serious questions about the future sustainability of the organization.”

State Department Faulted for Lax Oversight of Afghanistan Justice Contract

Special inspector general says $223 million program may not be sustainable.

The Long Path to the Top for a Gay Federal Executive

John Berry's career is a key chapter in the story of what it has meant to be gay in government.

How Not to Be a Weenie Leader

10 spineless behaviors any boss should avoid.

The Department of Justice headquarters

Top Contractor for Background Checks Charged With Fraud

Justice Department takes on whistleblower’s suit against USIS.

“The significantly smaller amount of headroom that can be freed up now will quickly be exhausted by the large obligations of the government that occur in the month of February,” Jacob Lew wrote.

Treasury Moves Up Debt Ceiling Deadline

Extraordinary measures will not provide same window of protection as before, says Secretary Jack Lew.

HHS Secretary Defends, Obamacare to Mayors

Kathleen Sebelius tells a somewhat skeptical group of local leaders that enrollment in Affordable Care Act is up to 9 million.

Creating a Culture of Helping

Collaboration must be inspired, not forced.

Science and operations officer Christopher Buonanno monitors data at the National Weather Service Warning and Forecast Office in North Little Rock, Ark.

Group Claims Vacancies at National Weather Service Endanger the Public

Agency says it still has no budget surplus to fill open jobs.

These Three Things Happen at the Best Meetings

A little performance goes a long way.