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Stressed Out By Shutdown Chaos? 4 Evidence-Based Tools To Help You Cope

The stressful political climate worsened with the shutdown of the federal government. And even though a break may be in sight, even the uncertainty adds stress. A neuroscientist offers ways to cope.

Leading After the Shutdown

Here are three ideas for getting your team on track. And thank you for what you do. It’s people like you who make this a great country.

Reconstructing the Administrative State

Five ways to recover from the shutdown.

The IRS is one agency where workers face a backlog after the shutdown.

Feds Dig Out From 35 Days’ Worth of Piled-Up Work

IRS, Census and science agency employees bemoan shutdown’s long-term impact.

How to Help Your Team be Productive Post Shutdown

Employee engagement was a problem before the shutdown. It’s likely to get worse.

Vital Economic Data Was Likely Lost During the Shutdown – Here’s Why It Matters to All Americans

The government collects reams of economic data that are vital to the functioning of companies, policymakers and even families.

At Laguardia, a shortage of air traffic controllers caused delays Friday morning.

The Government Shutdown Is Ending. For Airports, It’s Just In Time

A pilot explains how a month-long shutdown will have lasting effects on air traffic controllers. “I can hear stress in their voice that didn’t used to be there.”

A supporter of President Donald Trump walks by during a 2018 rally in San Diego.

Analysis: The Shutdown Leaves Trump’s Base Cracked

The president closed the government in the belief that his core supporters would never forgive him if he didn’t build the wall. Instead, the closure showed weaknesses in that coalition.

Federal employees returned to work early Monday morning on I-395 in Virginia.

It’s Back to Work, But Not Back to Normal

It will be very difficult for federal employees to pick up where they left off, especially with another possible shutdown looming on Feb. 15.

OMB Deputy Director for Management Margaret Weichert said back pay will be a priority.

OMB Asks Agencies to Prepare for 'Orderly Reopening'

President Trump on Friday signed a bill to fund agencies through Feb. 15.