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A brigade from the Electric Power Authority repairs distribution lines damaged by Hurricane Maria in the Cantera community of San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s Power Struggle

Amid a confusing tangle of overlapping authorities, shady contracts, and a push for privatization, nobody knows what the end of the island’s electricity and humanitarian crises will look like, or when it will come.

Analysis: Why Americans Will Never Agree on Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska and oil proponents are cheering a move to open up an ecologically sensitive part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling -- a position environment supporters can't abide.

Are You Making a Difference?

Don’t just settle for personal satisfaction.

Why Federal Managers Need To Become More Informed Data Consumers

Data is a business asset that can advance agencies’ missions, or serve as a drag on effectiveness.

There's a Trick To Getting Entitled Employees to Stop Complaining and Do Their Jobs

We're sorry to inform you that special treatment is necessary, according to a new study.

A migrant jumps to cross the U.S. Mexico border fence in Tijuana in 2008.

Deterring Illegal Immigration by Separating Parents and Children

A proposal to stem the flow of migrants trekking to the southern border is revealing the limitations of deterrence policy.

Post-Holiday Blues Can Teach You to Celebrate Reality

If your rosy hopes for the holidays have turned into blues, use this feeling to make every day a better experience.

How Risk Is Transforming Government

Risk management is not simply a compliance exercise but goes to the core of agency mission delivery.

Trump’s Category 5 Storm

What will hit first in 2018, the tsunami of a very big policy revolution or the legal waves that could submerge Trump’s presidency?

Trump Escalates His Attacks Against FBI Officials

The president singled out FBI attorney James Baker and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in a series of tweets.