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President Trump reviews border wall prototypes on March 13, 2018, in San Diego.

Trump Administration Begins Probing Private Landowners Along Border Over Wall Construction

The administration is looking to spend $240 million for a company to assess real estate along the border.

Heritage Report Could Provide Clues About Coming Agency Reorganization Plans

Previews of the Office of Management and Budget’s proposal to restructure agencies align closely with a 2017 plan from the conservative think-tank.

Army Incurred Costly Delays on Construction of Texas Hospital

Pentagon watchdog says an additional $32.1 million was needed to fix design deficiencies.

The Most Honest Out-of-Office Message

What if you deleted all your emails during vacation and never looked back?

It Turns Out Men, Not Women, Suffer More From Imposter Syndrome

A recently-published study flips the gender dynamic of imposter syndrome on its head.

Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev shake hands as they leave the Hofdi, in Reykjavik, after their third session of talks on October 12, 1986.

Analysis: Trump Could Transform the U.S.–North Korea Relationship

In pursuing peace with North Korea, the U.S. president has the chance to do what Ronald Reagan tried to do with the Soviet Union.

Postal Stakeholders Are Impressed With Trump's Task Force So Far

The panel charged with overhauling USPS has held lots of meetings over the past few weeks.

Survey: Half of Feds Support White House Attempts to Ease Firing Process

But support for federal employee unions, which oppose the changes, remains steady at 42 percent.

Overcoming a Big Obstacle to Citizen Feedback

It took the Defense IG more than a year to get approval for a simple five-question survey asking users’ opinions about its website.

House Passes Bill to Rescind $15 Billion From Federal Agencies

Trump says the measure is "getting the government back on track."