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Obama on the Midterms: 'Obviously Republicans Had a Good Night'

The president delivered remarks Wednesday afternoon.

What A Republican Senate Means For Obamacare—and What It Doesn’t

The new Republican majority will likely be able to score some policy changes and force difficult votes as 2016 approaches.

Managing the Skills Crisis

Technology is dividing people into two groups: winners who are proficient in technology and losers who are replaced by it.

The 2016 Presidential Conversations Taking Place Right Now

What's on the minds of potential White House candidates tonight.

This is Google’s Incredibly Simple Hiring Formula

The tech giant never compromises on its high hiring bar.

Government Seeks Vets Interested in STEM Jobs

A new program designed to attract vets in science, technology, engineering and math will launch in 2015.

Those Soul-Crushing Late Night Shifts Are Also Ruining Your Brain

Study shows graveyard shift workers perform worse.

The 28 Counties the Justice Department Is Monitoring for Voting Rights Violations

States may have the power to regulate elections, but the feds are staying close.

Fixing the Useless Federal Program Inventory

To cut duplicative programs, agencies have to know how to count them first.

Why Do Workers Feel So Unhappy?

Just one-fifth of employees report believing that their workplaces strongly value them.