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6 Key Elements of Successful Cross-Agency Collaboration

Working across agency lines can be frustrating without a strategy.

The NMNH new dinosaur exhibit is recently opened.

Scientist, Curator, Mother of Two

A new leader at the American Museum of Natural History talks about motherhood, goals, and having fun in your career.

Postal Service Has No Annual Financial Statement Because of Hack

Agency has to ensure the integrity of its financial data systems post-breach before gathering information for its annual report.

Performance Data: The Next Steps in Moneyball Government

Momentum is gathering for evidence-based budgeting.

Is the Progressive Left Helping The Supreme Court Destroy Obamacare?

Dismissing the latest legal challenge as a debate over a typo could backfire.

Deval Patrick Says He Won't Run for President in 2016

The governor of Massachusetts added that Hillary Clinton should shed the "inevitability" label: "I just think people read inevitability as entitlement."

The Happier Workplace

Office spaces will change as more employees are able to decide when—and where—they are the most productive.

The General Hall is the largest room at the UN.

United Nations Torture Report Slams American Judicial System

“There are numerous areas where there are things that should be changed to be fully compliant,” says the paper.

The Power of Displaying Passion for Your Work

Turn up the volume, but remember, it's not about you.

A New Business Strategy: Treating Employees Well

While some companies squeeze staff to make more money, a growing number are testing the theory that they can have both profits and happy workers.