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Set Your 2015 Direction with a Life GPS

As you think through and plan for what you want from 2015, you can use these three simple questions to help you go where you want to go.

MTV Has Done More for the US Teen Birthrate Drop Than Decades of Public Policy

Rather then glamorizing teen pregnancy, TV shows have been linked to a surprising and unprecedented decline.

VA executive Sharon Helman accepted $13,000 in gifts from a lobbyist, including Disneyland trip and a Beyonce concert.

Judge Upholds Firing of VA Exec – But Not Because of Wait Time Scandal

Sharon Helman improperly accepted gifts, but the department failed to prove that she engaged in misconduct that hurt veterans.

The Bias in the FDA's New Blood Donation Rules

On Tuesday, the government agency announced it was lifting its ban on gay male blood donors. The fine print, however, was troubling.

The Federal Government Doesn’t Have a Good Way of Determining Who's Poor

The federal poverty threshold has been widely criticized as being outdated and flawed

How I Lead: Valuing Each Person’s Input

A conversation with OPM financial adviser Tim Cannon.

Ashton Carter testifies on Capitol Hill in 2013.

Defense Secretary Nominee Forms Circle of Advisers

Ashton Carter designates small team to help in confirmation process.

Not useful anymore.

More Proof That No One Wants or Listens to Your Voicemails

The new standard outgoing message asks the caller to try again later or use an “alternative method” to get in touch.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell said the Obama administration projects that 9.1 million people, including new applicants and returning customers, will be enrolled in 2015.

Obamacare on Track to Beat Enrollment Goals

More than 6 million people picked plans in the first month of enrollment.