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Finding a Bargain for Government Buyers Shouldn’t Be a Crime

In acquisition parlance, ‘low-price/technically acceptable’ really means ‘low-profits/taxpayer-approved.’

Agencies Show Little Progress in Improving the Federal Hiring Process

OMB wants managers to be more involved in candidate selection, but they’re falling short of targets.

The Genius Way Coca-Cola Employees Manage Their Email

It's more about choosing the levels of connection during non-work hours.

Focus on Disabilities: Making the President's Vision Come to Life

Agencies are more than halfway to hiring 100,000 candidates.

"Do these glasses contain gin?"

Getting Animals Drunk for Science

NASA and NIH show that tipsy zebra finches slur their songs and high spiders spin asymmetrical webs.

Practice Staying in the Moment

Just for today, bend time to your will by slowing down and focusing on the people you come in contact with.

Why You Should Make a Resolution Each Month Instead of Each New Year

If you're serious about changing your behavior, consider a different approach to instill new habits.

An Astronaut’s Life: Hyperscheduled and Bureaucratic

What it’s like to work on the International Space Station.

Barack Obama Had a Really Terrible Year

ISIS, Ferguson, the Senate, Ukraine, Ebola, border kids. Really, this was a pretty awful sixth year for the president. Not that he's acting like it.

GSA’s Lavish October 2010 training conference in Las Vegas scandalized the agency and toppled a number of careers.

Two GSA Managers Fired in Conference Scandal Reinstated With 30 Months of Back Pay

MSPB upholds decision that they were too far removed to have direct knowledge of excessive spending.