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Dr. Vivek Murthy was sworn in as surgeon general Thursday after an 18-month leadership void.

Health Service Marks Banner Year Without a Surgeon General

Commissioned corps took on Ebola and skin cancer, and reignited no-smoking campaign.

Despite Senate’s Confirmation Spree, Many Agencies Maintain Key Leadership Vacancies

The White House is reviewing which appointees to re-nominate for the 114th Congress’ approval.

A Federal Holiday Poem

Our annual ode to federal employees -- a tradition since 1998.

American Airport Security is Getting Less Oppressive

Is it the right time to change the TSA restrictions?

A Holiday Gift of Transformational Leadership

Obama praises resilience and spirit of federal executives.

Google Reveals Government Attempt to Scrub Alleged Prisoner Abuse

The search giant’s latest transparency reports offers granular detail about the takedown requests it receives from governments around the world.

15 Ways to Get Ready for the New Year

Some suggested reading during your holiday downtime.

EPA’s Budget Cut Shrinks Staff to Smallest Since 1989

As GOP intensifies oversight, agency vows to continue with mission.

The Future of Management Training Is Simulations

Transforming the way organizations nurture talent and identify potential leaders.

Time travel?

You Can Be Endorsed for 'Time Travel' and 'WMDs' on LinkedIn

The social network for professionals lets you endorse people for some pretty unusual skills. Here are some of them.