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Connecting the Talent Dots

GovConnect helps agencies share skills while employees broaden their experience.

Former GSA executive Jeff Neely asserted his right to remain silent at a Capitol Hill hearing in 2012.

Ringleader in GSA Scandal Gets Three Months in Prison

Jeff Neely, organizer of $822,000 training conference, also must pay restitution.

Your Boss Has a Much Rosier View of the Workplace Than You Do

Senior executives are happier than their employees, and believe the office is a much fairer place, according to a new analysis.

Where Are the Government’s Happiest Senior Executives?

The largest agencies in government tend to have the least satisfied career leaders.

At Press Conference, Obama Reflects on His 'Best Week'

Next to Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, the president also talked about what to expect regarding the crisis in Greece.

Why the War on the IRS Makes No Cents

The gospel according to Matthew and the Gipper.

How Far is the President Willing to Go to Expand Medicaid?

The president has 18 months to further secure the Affordable Care Act’s legacy.

The Senate's Bathroom-Stall Index

One measure of America’s slow progress toward boosting the number of women in elective office is the number of toilets in the congressional restrooms.