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Obama's Budget Adds 34K Federal Jobs. Would Any Be At Your Agency?

A look at which agencies would be able to hire the most under the proposal.

No, despite what Obama proposes, the IRS isn't getting more money.

Here are Seven Things in Obama's Budget That Are Not Going to Happen

These presidential wish-list items will be scoffed at by Republicans.

What Obama Wants to Cut

Despite calls for slashing programs devoted to immunization, jailing immigrants, and fighting the drug war.

Obama’s Budget Message to Feds: ‘I Have Your Back’

White House unveils its plan for ‘strengthening the federal workforce.’

Fiscal 2016 Budget Winners and Losers

Most agencies would get a cash infusion under the Obama administration's spending plan.

The Typical Millennial Is $2,000 Poorer Than His Parents at This Age

More young people are living in poverty and fewer have jobs compared their parents' generation, the Baby Boomers, in 1980.

Sen. Richard Burr., R-N.C., says he supports the administration's goal of consolidating duplicative government activities.

Obama Revives Agency Consolidation Proposal

A previous version in 2012 foundered in a turf-conscious Congress.

Video: Obama Speaks on his Fiscal 2016 Budget Proposal

The president spoke about Homeland Security funding in his proposal.

Lawmakers to Tackle Homeland Security Funding This Week

A week that begins with Budget Day will also include debates on the fate of Obama's health and immigration policies.

The pomp and circumstance of budget day has gone back many years.

The Choreography of Budget Day

Months of planning, repeated testing, and a whole lot of paper go into an annual Washington ritual.