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The Value of Remembering Ordinary Moments

Though writing down daily events may seem mundane, participants in a recent study were happy to have records of them in the future.

Obama Proposes Protecting Oil-Rich Alaskan Wilderness From Oil, Gas Drilling

Oil giants Shell, ConocoPhillips and Statoil hold drilling leases in Arctic waters, but ANWR was next target.

What Can Obama Do if the Supreme Court Cripples Obamacare?

Experts say the White House couldn’t easily restore subsidies in every state.

Washington Agencies Open With Unscheduled Leave, Telework

Forecast was for little accumulation of snow.

Lessons About Government Performance From Latin America

When data-driven management becomes a leadership strategy.

State Department Official Wants 'Frozen' to Teach Kids About Climate Change

How Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Co. could help fight global warming.

The Head of American Overseas Media Picked a Fight With Russian State TV

In New York Times interview, Andrew Lack compares Russia Today to the Islamic State.

New Tool Creates 'Common Language' for Success in City Governments

APQC’s Process Classification Framework helps improve productivity and communications through performance standards.

The Pentagon Has No Idea How Many Employees It Needs

Laws capping number of employees have been waived since 2002.