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The Alarming, Long-Term Consequences of Workplace Stress

Health problems associated with job-related anxiety account for more deaths each year than Alzheimer's disease or diabetes.

President Obama's fiscal 2016 budget arrives on Capitol Hill.

OMB's Management Side May Coordinate Earlier With Budgeteers

Controllers expect more agencies to embrace shared services.

IRS Welcomes Jump in Taxpayers Using Its Website

Call volume around President’s Day expected to strain staff.

Could the Pentagon Take a Cue From Britain on Public-Private Partnerships?

Expanding the use of P3s could ease DOD’s budget pressures.

 U.S. flag drapes over the shoulders of Maria Almanza as immigration reform supporters gather outside of the hall of records in Freehold, N.J., in 2013.

Even Republicans Love Obama's Immigration Policies

GOP voters support the executive actions in principle, but oppose them once they're linked to the president.

What the FBI Chief Got Right—and Wrong—About Race and Police

James Comey insisted that if citizens saw things from a beat cop's perspective, they'd be more sympathetic.

Say Goodbye to the Classic White Boxy U.S. Postal Truck

The postal service wants to change over its fleet by 2018.

"We all are in agreement the [training] levels are unacceptably low," said Danielle Gray, a member of the U.S. Secret Service Protective Mission Panel .

Embattled Secret Service Spent Just 25 Minutes Training the Average Officer in 2013

Congressional oversight leaders expect bipartisan reform in the near future.

IRS chief John Koskinen

IRS Chief Refuses to Apologize to Lawmakers on Missing Emails

Republican oversight panel member accuses Koskinen of 'misleading' Congress and American people.