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VA Manager Involved in $4M Deal That Benefited Relatives

Official created a conflict of interest when she didn’t recuse herself from project to build new N.C. facility.

U.S. Secret Service agents are positioned on the tarmac as President Barack Obama arrives aboard Marine One in South Korea last year.

A Timeline of Secret Service Scandals

From apparent drunk-driving to prostitution to sloppy investigations and advance work, the once-proud agency has had a rough four years.

What Does It Really Take to Get Things Done?

Finally, research shows why cross-functional collaboration is so important.

Why Agencies Often Resist Shared Services

Better data on cost-effectiveness and clearer transition guidelines would make arrangement more attractive, report finds.

Col. Dan Houston shows President Clinton how to use a computer to send an e-mail to the troops at Camp Lejeune in 1996.

The Myth About Bill Clinton's Emails

The former president says he only ever sent two electronic missives. Yeah, right.

Border Patrol agents frequently used administratively uncontrollable overtime prior to a policy change.

Whistleblowers Help Save Nearly $100M Through Flagging Overtime Abuses at DHS

Department should continue to identify employees misusing the system, independent agency advises.

Make Better Choices for Better Time Management

Put more attention on the important and less on the urgent.

U.S. Arctic Envoy is Still Talking With Disney to Use 'Frozen' to Teach Climate Change

'It's a very good company, and they put out a good product, and I'd like to have them help us raise awareness.'

U.S. Army Europe's commander Lt. Gen. Frederick Hodges, United States Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell and Hungarian Defense Minister Csaba Hende as they give a press conference in Hungary in February.

How to Become an Ambassador Without Really Trying

In the U.S. Foreign Service, who you know is worth more than how many languages you can speak.