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Police stand in formation near a gathering of protestors at the intersection of North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore Tuesday.

Obama on Baltimore: 'I've Seen This Movie Too Many Times Before'

The president spoke with radio host Steve Harvey about the city's upheaval in an interview aired Wednesday morning.

Two-Thirds of Agencies Fail To Fulfill Basic FOIA Requests

Researchers document the mostly abysmal response to appeal for non-controversial records; CIA denied the request outright.

"Those who keep telling my workforce that 'you have low morale' are not helping, frankly," DHS chief Jeh Johnson told lawmakers.

Is the Key to Improving Federal Workforce Morale to Stop Discussing It?

Homeland Security secretary argues that talk of low morale is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can IGs Successfully Walk the Tightrope?

Maintaining a balance between independence and positive relationships can be difficult.

President Barack Obama speaks about recent unrest in Baltimore during a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Tuesday in Washington.

Obama: Baltimore Rioters 'Need to Be Treated as Criminals'

The president spoke Tuesday about incidents following the funeral of a black man who died while in police custody.

Scarce Skills, not Scarce Jobs

The "real" challenge technology presents isn't that it replaces workers, but rather displaces them.

A Guide to Getting the Most From Your People

Download 'Managing the Workforce,' Government Executive's latest ebook.

Victor Huntley-el thanks law enforcement officers as they stand guard Tuesday in Baltimore, in the aftermath of rioting.

Several Federal Agencies in Baltimore Close, Send Employees Home Early

Agencies takes precautionary measures for employees during state of emergency.

Residents of Nepal gather amid the destruction caused by Saturday's earthquake.

What Do You Have to Share?

The earthquake in Nepal is a reminder to offer support to the people we live and work with.