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Feds Not Alone in Believing Raises Are Unfairly Distributed

The frustration is likely exacerbated by generally small across-the-board raises in the federal sector, one expert says.

FBI and Intel Community Release Framework to Thwart Insider Threats

Among 19 elements is the creation of a new career path for federal employees.

EPA Tells Employees It Has 'No Tolerance for Racism,' After Series of Incidents

Messages with racial slurs targeted EPA's African-American employees in recent weeks.

The Problem With Being Perfect

A trait that’s often seen as good can actually be destructive. Here’s how to combat it.

Almost Half the Top Jobs in Trump's State Department are Still Empty

In 18 countries, the White House has yet to designate a U.S. ambassador. That includes Australia, a close ally to America that is beginning to look to China instead.

The real first man: Neil Armstrong emerges from the Ames Bell X-14 aircraft at NASA's Ames Research Center. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.

The Lesson for Federal Leaders in ‘First Man’

NASA found the right man to be the first man because it understood the moon landing was as much a people problem as an engineering challenge.

House Democrats Again Challenge White House Story on FBI Headquarters

New emails contradict spokeswoman statement that staying in D.C. saves money.

The Latest Target of Trump's Immigration Attacks

In an address Thursday, the president criticized U.S. asylum policy and threatened to detain those who credibly claim the protections.

First Lady Melania Trump tours the site of the Giza Pyramids in October.

Melania Trump Spent One Day In Cairo And The Hotel Bill Was Over $95,000

She's supposedly running a "lean" operation, but the first lady's recent hotel bill was higher than her husband's.

Consumer Bureau Union Files Grievance Over Political Appointee's Racist Blog Posts

NTEU officials argue Eric Blankenstein’s blog posts and refusal to apologize violate the union’s collective bargaining agreement.