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How to Achieve Your Agency’s Objectives One Meeting at a Time

Data-driven meetings made a big splash in government nearly a decade ago. New research shows what it takes to make them work.

Who Should You Trust? Psychologists Have a Surprising Answer

New research from the University of Chicago suggests trustworthiness is actually linked to guilt.

The U.S. Now Suspects Russian Microwaves Caused Diplomats’ Brain Injuries

U.S. embassy workers in Cuba reported hearing chirping sounds before suffering headaches, memory and hearing loss, and difficulty sleeping.

Astronaut Ricky Arnold, from aboard the International Space Station, shared this image of Hurricane Florence on Sept. 10.

Evacuations, Closures and Leave: How Federal Agencies Are Preparing for Hurricane Florence

FEMA is leading the response, but an array of agencies are set to get caught in Florence's path.

IRS Improves Its Performance During Tax Season Despite Staff and Budget Cuts

Agency is also diving into implementation of new tax law, GAO finds.

Shannon Sartin leads a team designing digital tools to improve health care for Americans.

Meet the Executive Bringing Digital Savvy to Health and Human Services

Shannon Sartin leads a team striving to make healthcare work better for Americans.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks to immigration judges in Falls Church, Va., on Monday.

Attorney General Acts on Promise to Hire More Immigration Judges

Sessions tells largest class of new judges to ignore resistance from “open borders” advocates.

Hurricane Florence Could Be the Worst Storm to Ever Hit North of Florida

Since records began, only 10 major hurricanes have made landfall around the Carolinas. This one has the potential to blow them all out of the water.

Trump Offered Gary Cohn Five Wildly Different Jobs In One Conversation

Trump offered Cohn jobs running defense and intelligence before landing on economics.