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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi signed onto the letter.

House Democrats Join Fight Against Workforce Executive Orders

Twenty-three lawmakers say the three edicts reduce protections for whistleblowers, attempt to “eradicate unions.”

Government Already Has a Blueprint for Implementing Pay For Performance

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency offers a success story.

Agencies Continue Chipping Away at Science and Climate Change Spending

Progressive group analyzes Trump team efforts to downplay data and research.

American Federation of Government Employees held a rally on April 25, 2018 outside of EPA headquarters.

EPA Staff Say The White House Is Changing Their Mission From Protecting Health And The Environment To Protecting Industry

Government agencies are supposed to listen to the industries they regulate, but what if they tune out everyone else? Scholars call this regulatory capture, and some staffers see it happening at EPA.

Analysis: Why Is Trump Protecting Scott Pruitt?

How has the head of the EPA withstood a deluge of corruption scandals? It all comes back to the president.

13 Unions File Lawsuit Against All Three Workforce Executive Orders

The coalition of smaller federal employee unions argues that the executive orders unconstitutionally usurp the power of Congress, unions, management and independent agencies.

Federal Employees Last Year Broke Record for Proving Retaliation By Managers

New laws and better employee results from watchdog are giving supervisors "more to fear" than ever, whistleblower advocate says.

For Many Students, Government Agencies Are the Most Attractive Employers. Really.

Students in three of five broad areas of study ranked a non-business employer at the top.

You’re More Vulnerable to Isolation and Stress Than You Think

It’s vital to foster the connections that will help you and your employees become healthier and perform better.

Critics charge EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt with slowing the agency's response to FOIA requests.

EPA Under Fire for Slow Rolling Release of Public Records

Critics accuse Scott Pruitt of steering staff to focus on Obama-era requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act.