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The White House Has A Plan to Save America's Dying Honeybees

Strategy will change the way government gardens and grounds are landscaped.

Obama's Police-Reform Proposal is Missing Key Points

Eric Holder wanted to make it easier to prosecute civil-rights abuses in federal court, but that push has gone nowhere.

Amid All the Pomp, Where Are the Public Management Degrees?

Government needs the academic community’s help to improve performance.

It's good to be tall.

The Financial Perks of Being Tall

An extra inch correlates with an estimated $800 in increased annual earnings.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., believes the Pentagon's staff is bloated.

Senate Defense Bill Lays Out Acquisition Reforms, HQ Personnel Cuts

McCain lauds trims of $10 billion in “unnecessary spending.”

The West Indian Manatee is listed as an endangered species by Fish and Wildlife.

The Endangered Species Act Is Getting A Makeover

The Obama administration is fighting back against criticism that states don’t get enough say under the law.

Chris Christie: Edward Snowden Is a Criminal and NSA Fears Are 'Baloney'

The Republican governor and likely White House hopeful will accuse Hollywood and “civil-liberties extremists” of hijacking the NSA debate in a speech Monday.

Pope Francis' Nine Rules for Happy Living

The key to being a transformational leader is a positive personality.

Lindsey Graham Steps on His Own Presidential Announcement

" I'm running because of what you see on television. I'm running because I think the world is falling apart," the South Carolinian said, despite saying he would make his intentions known on June 1.

Colliding With the Third Rail

Will exposing a problem in your organization make a difference, or simply get you fired?